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Instructions for Braces Care

Congratulations on getting your braces on! From now on you will need to be meticulous with the care and cleaning of your braces to ensure you get the best result. Here are a few tips to keep a clean and healthy smile throughout treatment:

  • Brush after every meal
  • When cleaning hard to reach areas, use a small proxy brush (under the wire or around the brackets)
  • Floss at least once a day, be sure the floss cleans underneath the gums as well as in between teeth
  • Make an appointment to see us as soon as possible if there are any broken brackets

Listed below are some frequent problems patients encounter with their braces as well ...

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Care Instructions for Your Aligners

Use and care instructions for your Invisalign aligners

  • Wear the aligners the recommended amount, usually 20-22 hours a day for 7 days. Only remove to eat and brush.
  • Use aligner chewies daily to massage the aligner tightly over teeth.
  • Free the aligners on both sides prior to removing, do not “peel” off using only 1 side
  • Actively monitor tracking. Fit is most important on day 7.

Poor tracking: If aligners are not tracking, use chewies more often, wear aligners longer*

Maintenance of aligners:

  • Clean using a toothbrush and dish soap with warm water
  • Store aligners in the compact case (not a napkin) when not in use
  • Rinse your mouth after eating to avoid ...

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Use and Care Instructions for Carrier Motion Appliance

Use and care instructions for the Carriere Motion appliance:

  • Wear the elastics and retainer the recommended amount, usually 20-22 hours a day. Anything less than 20 hours/day will not achieve the desired result.
  • Do not wear the elastics without your retainer, doing so can have adverse effects to the alignment of your lower teeth.
  • Replace your elastics 2-3 times per day or after every meal.
  • Avoid any hard or sticky foods to prevent the appliance from breaking.
  • The use of this appliance will continue until we achieve the desired bite (as pictured below), we will not start braces/Invisalign until the bite is corrected.

Maintenance ...

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What's New at Trommeter Ortho

Another award!

We are excited to announce that Dr. Trommeter was selected as a 5280 Top Dentist for 2018! He is honored to have been voted by his peers as a top orthodontist in Denver for another year. Be sure to check it out in the May issue of 5280 Magazine!

New gear

A new shipment of dude. be nice gear has arrived at Trommeter Orthodontics! We are excited to offer new styles for adults and kids for 2018. Everyone gets a free t-shirt when they start treatment! If you are currently in treatment and are interested in our new styles, be sure to ask the front desk.


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Oh say can you!?

Tomorrow is 4th of July which means we are smack dab in the middle of summer activity time! Not sure what you are in the mood for? How about live music, beer tastings, and food trucks? Join us as we post up at the annual Stapleton Beer Festival on Saturday July 15th.

Look for the Trommeter Orthodontics tent to score some free swag and office offers. We are proud to be a part of the Stapleton community and excited to see some friendly faces there too. Keep your eyes peeled for our logo at more Denver events this summer and fall.

For tickets and more ...

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What you’re missing if you don’t FOLLOW us on SOCIAL MEDIA

Are you on Facebook? How about Instagram? Us too!! We are all about the patient experience at Trommeter Orthodontics and we want YOU to know what we are up to. Check out why you should be following us on social media.

Be the FIRST to know about our latest contests and promotions. If you don’t already know about our summer contest, drop everything and check out our Facebook and Instagram NOW. This is the contest you don’t want to be left out of.

Don’t believe me when I say we LOVE our Trommeter patients? Our posts prove it. We love featuring those friendly smiles we ...

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Summer Plans? Why Summer is the Best Time for Invisalign and Braces

School’s out!

Summer is in session and that means time to sleep in and schedule your orthodontic evaluation. Summer is probably the best time to think about getting braces or invisalign because you have more flexibility when it comes to scheduling appointments. Don’t like pulling your kids out of class for appointments? Then take advantage of these summer months in Denver and get a jump start on your and your child’s treatment!

Time for adjustment

Another benefit of starting treatment in the summer is being able to take advantage of the time it takes to adjust to your new braces or invisalign. Like any new addition, ...

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