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Dr. Trommeter was born and raised in the Park Hill neighborhood where his parents still reside today. His family ties to the area run even deeper as his paternal grandparents purchased their family home in Park Hill on 26th and Forest in January 1960. His grandfather actually worked as a mechanic at Stapleton International Airport for Continental Airlines. Dr. Trommeter attended dental school locally at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine. He was one of seven students in his dental school class inducted into the exclusive National Dental Honor Society, Omicron Kappa Upsilon, and he was the only member of his class to specialize in orthodontics and accepted a position within the University of Colorado’s Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics residency program in 2011.

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Why choose an orthodontist to straighten your teeth?
An orthodontist has the advanced training and expertise to offer a full range of treatment.
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Giving teens a great reason to smile!
Invisalign is an ideal option for teens who are concerned about aligning their teeth with discretion.
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We offer Invisalign for adults and teens!
Dr. Trommeter is Stapleton’s top rated, premier Invisalign provider! This means that in addition to his residency training, he also completed the Invisalign I-Pro and Invisalign Master’s courses and has the ability to combine auxiliary appliances with Invisalign.
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Dr. Trommeter is one of Stapleton's elite Botox providers
Get rid of your wrinkles while your kids perfect their smile. Braces and convenient is that?!
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Colorado Parent Magazine chose Dr. Trommeter as a Family Favorite Orthodontist!
Colorado Parent honors the best attractions, businesses, and services for families in the Denver metro area by asking parents to vote for their family’s favorites. Dr. Trommeter was selected as one of five best family orthodontists in Colorado.
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Dr. Trommeter is a 5280 Top Dentist
Every year dentists are asked to select specialists who are the very best in their field. Dr. Trommeter is honored to be recognized by his peers as a top orthodontist in Denver!
  • Dr. Trommeter and his staff were very friendly, professional and informative. My 11 year old could not stop chatting with the staff and cracking jokes with them. We will definitely be back for the next step. - Elizabeth L
  • Two of our children see Dr. T and we couldn't be happier. Appointments start on time, staff is wonderful and they get you in and out quickly, but are always available to discuss next steps, and answer questions. - Paula D
  • I absolutely love this practice and everyone in it! The staff make me feel like family when I come in. The time they take to educate me on my kids ortho issues is so appreciated. I wouldn't consider going to anyone else! - Kristie H

It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question....

Q: At what age should my child have an orthodontic consultation?

A: The American Association of Orthodontists recommends an orthodontic evaluation at age the of seven

Q: I’m an adult, is it too late for orthodontic work?

A: Absolutely not! Many of our patients are adults. With the ever advancing orthodontic technology our treatment is cutting edge, comfortable, and beautiful.

Q: What will happen at my first visit?

A: At your initial consultation expect a warm welcome from all of the Trommeter Orthodontics staff. Upon your arrival we will take a series of photos and xrays of your mouth. Dr. Trommeter will review these records with you in our private consultation room and listen to any concerns or motivations you may have for treatment. Length of treatment, goals of treatment, and financial options will all be discussed at this time with Dr. Trommeter, the treatment coordinator, and yourself.

Q: How often will I have appointments?

A: If you are in braces, regular adjustments are made every 4-6 weeks. With Invisalign, you can sit back and relax and see us every few months.

Q: Am I a candidate for Invisalign?

A: Many people are great candidates for Invisalign treatment, there are a few cases where people may find the best results with traditional braces. Invisalign can solve many aesthetic concerns such as crooked teeth, spacing, crowding, as well as overbites and underbites. Some people that have extensive tooth decay or unhealthy gums should find out if braces are a better option for them. Even if you are a little bit interested in Invisalign, come to a complimentary consultation and learn more!

Q: Does it hurt when I get my braces on?

A: Getting your braces on feels like nothing! I promise that you are in the best hands here and the process of getting your braces on is painless. Expect some minor discomfort the day following your braces application, but hey, that just means things are moving!

Q: How long will I be in braces?

A: Since every patient is a little different it’s hard to say how long you will be in braces for. Generally speaking, the average patient is in braces for about two years.

Q: What should I do if I break a bracket?

A: Broken brackets are bound to happen. If you break a bracket give our office a call and find out if you should schedule an appointment to get it fixed. Many times we will offer the option of waiting until your next appointment to fix the bracket. If it is something that’s causing you pain we will be happy to accommodate you and find an earlier time to repair it. Regardless of the bracket’s urgency, we appreciate the heads up about a broken appliance so that we can allot enough appointment time for you!

Q: Do I still need to see my dentist if I have braces?

A: Most definitely. Regular dental check-ups are very important for your orthodontic health. Remember that clean teeth move faster than dirty teeth; let’s keep those pearly whites shining!

Q: How much are braces and Invisalign?

A: Treatment cost varies based on your insurance coverage and benefits. The good news is we work with most insurances! Our office offers 0% interest payment plans that are very popular amongst our patients. We also offer a discount if you would like to pay for your treatment in full at the day you start.

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We've partnered with apparel company nice to help combat bullying in our community. The team at Trommeter Orthodontics believes that being kind and respecting others is very important, and we are proud of that.

Dr. Trommeter understands that he is an influential figure for adolescent patients at a very impressionable time in their lives. Orthodontics can build confidence and self-esteem, and can even be life changing for some patients. We hope to be a positive influence for our patients and encourage them to be a positive force in their community.

Trommeter Orthodontics has partnered with a clothing company called Dude Be Nice because they have mutual core values. They are a brand that promotes kindness, positivity, and inclusivity and strives to combat bullying. Dude Be Nice is active in communities across the country and creates clothing and video content meant to inspire. Their goal is to connect people through style and stories.

Every patient at Trommeter Orthodontics receives a Dude Be Nice t-shirt or hat when they get their braces on. We encourage our patients to wear to their apparel to their appointments and in their communities.
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