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Instructions for Braces Care

Congratulations on getting your braces on! From now on you will need to be meticulous with the care and cleaning of your braces to ensure you get the best result. Here are a few tips to keep a clean and healthy smile throughout treatment:

  • Brush after every meal
  • When cleaning hard to reach areas, use a small proxy brush (under the wire or around the brackets)
  • Floss at least once a day, be sure the floss cleans underneath the gums as well as in between teeth
  • Make an appointment to see us as soon as possible if there are any broken brackets

Listed below are some frequent problems patients encounter with their braces as well ...

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Summer Plans? Why Summer is the Best Time for Invisalign and Braces

School’s out!

Summer is in session and that means time to sleep in and schedule your orthodontic evaluation. Summer is probably the best time to think about getting braces or invisalign because you have more flexibility when it comes to scheduling appointments. Don’t like pulling your kids out of class for appointments? Then take advantage of these summer months in Denver and get a jump start on your and your child’s treatment!

Time for adjustment

Another benefit of starting treatment in the summer is being able to take advantage of the time it takes to adjust to your new braces or invisalign. Like any new addition, ...

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FIVE Reasons Why It's Never Too Late To Enhance Your Smile

“From 1994 to 2010, the number of Americans 18 and older getting braces or some other teeth-straightening treatment from an orthodontist has jumped 58 percent, to 1.1 million from 680,000 annually, according to the American Association of Orthodontists.” New York Times

You are never too old!

Today men and women are living well into their eighties and nineties. So if you think you are “too old” for orthodontic treatment, think again. Getting older does not mean you will lose your teeth. You will be on this earth for many years so be proud of that; don’t you want to flash that perfected smile?

So your kids ...

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